Shouting Quietly - Speak Up, Present and Pitch with confidence


This workshop is designed to help quieter people (shy, introvert, reflective) to find a voice and build the confidence they need to participate more in life and at work. Rather than exhorting them to emulate introverts or 'fake it till they make it' Shouting Quietly helps them find meaningful, values driven ways to share ideas and communicate what they do. By helping quieter team members contribute more effectively, companies can reap the rewards of the quiet wisdom and deeper thinking that happens but doesn't come to light in the noise, cut and thrust of a busy workplace.  

Like it or not, we are all storytellers now. The stories that we have to tell in life and 
work are ever more important. 

This is NOT your average presentation skills workshop
 - it helps participants identify what really matters in terms of their personal values, beliefs, skills, knowledge and experience - the things that give meaning to communication - and shows how to use those building blocks to connect with others in significant ways. 

It digs deep into the fears and concerns associated with speaking up and provides clear strategies for working with them.

Who’s it for?


Individuals at any level who struggle to speak in public through shyness or lack of confidence or those who may find themselves in a new role/having to pitch ideas for the very first time.

After my sessions, people start to speak up. They gain confidence from knowing how to sound good without being shouty, arrogant or pushy. This makes a huge difference.

Session Structure

Available as a 3.5 hour session, full day, or a series of 3.5 hour sessions building to a pitch or presentation. A standalone talk is also available.
Minimum 8 people, maximum 12-14.
Mix of input, pairs exercises, thought experiments and group discussion. Worksheets supplied.
Small number of slides.

1-1 coaching follow up on request.


Image copyright: Pete Mosley 2018

Image copyright: Pete Mosley 2018

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“In certain situations/meetings, when faced with confrontational people, I become mute. It’s debilitating, at times, even when I feel I might have something useful to contribute. Pete is excellent at helping overcoming this.”
— Lisa Pidgeon, Little Bird SOS