What people say...

Here are few thoughts from people who have worked with me.

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‘Pete has been a great help to me. He gave me some clear, creative and practical strategies for developing and delivering upcoming presentations - something that I was very nervous about. He helped me understand that preparation is key and he shared ideas, resources and techniques so that I could develop a presentation that was unique.

I felt that Pete understood what I wanted and needed. He increased my awareness of how to feel more confident in public speaking. Pete is flexible, reliable, sensitive and above all, a really professional and supportive coach’.


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JOY - course leader, ILM7 Executive coaching programme

I had the pleasure of working with Pete recently when he ran a Master Class for our ILM 7 Executive Coaching programme.

Pete’s session made for a refreshing change in perspective and approach. His teaching and presentation style is highly engaging, warm and personal – he knows how to build a connection with his audience. Through hands-on sessions, he introduced students to new, highly creative principles for helping coachees unlock and explore their thinking – these included the use of metaphor, imagery, drawing and other techniques. This was a hands-on session, where students tried out the techniques and applied them to their own lives.

Many of the attendees commented to me afterwards how thought provoking the session was, and that they could see immediately the way to apply some of this learning to their own coaching.

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Sandra - ex DISTRICT council ceo

Pete's assistance is helping me navigate successfully through a whole series of major changes in my life. 

I intend to "retire" from a longstanding full time role as a local authority Chief Executive over the next few months to take up a portfolio career including 2 very different new businesses, some voluntary work and some flexible, part time roles. 

This felt very daunting. How can I exit well, leaving the Council and its people in a strong position to carry on succeeeding? How will I adapt to not being in
control and wielding power? How do I go about turning my visions into viable businesses? How will I get the energy boost I need from being around creative

Pete's approach is perfect - he listens, he asks exactly the right questions at exactly the right moment, he gives the occasional pointer to invaluable ideas and experience, and he's making me really believe in the art of the possible.

Often, it’s not the quality of our work that holds us back - it’s the quality of our courage and ambition. Be Bold - Aim High.
— The Art of Shouting Quietly