Pete Mosley


My work is about helping people grow in confidence - in themselves and their ideas, and in connecting persuasively with other people at work and in life. I show people how to how to tell a great story about their work - based in their values - drawing on my wide-ranging experience of working in the space where creativity, business and personal development meet. 

I work with individuals, corporates, universities and not-for-profit organisations. I provide coaching, workshops, talks and masterclasses.

In a typical month you might find me:

  • Working with people (1-1 or in workshop groups) who want to overcome fears and blocks, shyness or introversion so they can build their confidence and connect effectively with others/develop their leadership skills.

  • Delivering workshops to help organisations get the most from quieter team members - to unlock the power and potential that remains untapped when people are unable to speak up and contribute fully in the workplace.

  • Coaching individuals who want or need to develop their career, business or organisation, morphing from one area of specialism to another, exploring and setting new goals for life and/or work.

  • Delivering masterclasses on coaching (I specialise in values and beliefs, bold and creative coaching, and working with quiet people) For coaching organisations, ILM providers and Postgraduate Certificate courses.

  • Helping business owners work out how to promote themselves and build an audience for their work.

  • All my talks and workshops are illustrated with hand-drawn images designed to evoke creative thinking.

I work with individuals by supporting them to find a voice, speak up, pitch or talk in public without feeling intimidated by louder voices, or the work can be around connecting with and managing people more effectively. As a reflective person myself, I'm drawn towards working with others who find the cut and thrust of everyday life to be a challenge.

Corporates and not-for-profits alike commission my workshops to help people perform better, communicate better and make better decisions - informed by a clearer grasp of their values and strengths. Clear-mindedness, energy and a sense of purpose stem from understanding the things at our core - the things that move us forward and hold us back. We all have fears. If we can learn what they are and how to liberate ourselves from their grasp, many more things become possible. More than we might ever have imagined.

I'm a graduate of the acclaimed Barefoot Postgraduate Certificate in Business & Personal Coaching. My book - The Art of Shouting Quietly - a guide to self-promotion for introverts and other quiet souls – has sold in 25 countries around the world. I'm very experienced - I have 20yrs+ of track record in coaching/mentoring. Please don't hesitate to get in touch - I'm always happy to talk with you about workshops, coaching/mentoring - with no obligation.

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The Art of Shouting Quietly

I work with a lot of people who are brilliant at what they do, but who really struggle with self-promotion. Some are shy, introvert or lacking in confidence, others simply find traditional' shouty' marketing to be sleazy or distasteful. This book shows a different way - how to lead with your values and focus on building great relationships rather than hollering into an otherwise crowded and noisy space.

Available as a paperback workbook, and in Kindle, PDF, ebook and audiobook.


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Workshops & Masterclasses

I create bespoke workshops and masterclasses for a very wide range of organisations. Some of these are for employees, others are designed to be open to the public. Topics include:

Quiet Wisdom - workshops to help companies and organisations work inclusively with quieter, more reflective individuals.

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The Art of Shouting Quietly - workshops for individuals who want to find their voice, work on their personal storytelling and find the places they can really shine.

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Values - Deep work - A workshop that explores the profound impact of values on our motivation and relationships in life and at work.

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The video clip above is from Cheeky Letters and Dream Lists - a TEDx talk about confidence, making your mark and finding success on your own terms. Other talks include The Art of Shouting Quietly - a guide to self promotion for quiet souls, and Quiet Wisdom - a talk for organisations who want to tap into the deep thinking of quieter more reflective team members - valuable material that seldom surfaces in the hustle and competitive environment of the workplace.

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Articles & Podcasts

I write for Psychologies Magazine/Barefoot Coaching Life Labs channel and contribute to Susan Cain's Quiet Revolution website. I'm a regular contributor to Linked In's Pulse platform. I write about coaching, confidence, personal growth and quiet self-promotion.

Where coaching & creativity meet.

If you are thinking of working with a coach, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Where do you begin? 

Asking around amongst the people you know - friends and colleagues - can often be a good start. People love making recommendations, but choosing a coach isn't quite as straightforward as picking a plumber. Yes, you need someone with all the right qualifications and experience - but you are setting up a close working relationship with someone - and it's the quality of that relationship in the end, not their qualifications alone, that will determine whether your coaching really works for you. Take your time.


The chemistry has to be right. In other words, it needs to be a relationship that 'feels' right - where there is mutual trust, respect and a sense of being at ease in each other's company. This is why the initial conversations with your 'shortlist' are so important.


We tend to work best when the relationship is based on a shared worldview or value system. I find that people who see themselves as quiet, thoughtful, driven by a sense of fairness and purpose or who might be creative in some way often find their way towards me - why? - Because I write and speak a lot about those things and my values 'leak' out into the world - and we are drawn towards those who connect with our core values. What values might you be looking for in a prospective coach? It's an excellent question to ask in an initial conversation. 

Creativity and Playfulness

I will encourage you to couple the coaching to your innate talents and interests. Do you like the outdoors? I often coach whilst walking - which can be amazingly effective. Do you like working with line and colour? I will help you bring your thinking and creative imaging together. Are you a natural writer? I will encourage journalling as a way of helping the thinking and reflection flow. It's not all about those 'killer' coaching questions - it's about using thinking and creativity to help you imagine how your life might be lived differently. 


Trusting that you have the right coach makes it much easier to cope with the challenging nature of coaching. You know that the coach has your best interests at heart. It's not about giving you solutions or telling you what to do - it's about helping you become the best informed and best-resourced person you can be - so you can step up and make your own great decisions about what comes next. The right coach will be a champion for you.

Set up a call.

Above all, don't be scared to send an email or ask for a call. You'll get a feel for who I am and how I work within minutes. The conversation will be open and friendly and will acknowledge and explore the fact that the relationship has got to work both ways. If anything feels odd or out of synch - it probably is! Coaches are friendly, thoughtful people who will ask you great questions. The answers you come up with will help you make the right choice.

Good luck!

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Guiding Principles

Two things are at the core of everything I deliver.

Values, because they are the things that matter most to us. They drive us along and

give energy to our aspirations. When goals and values are aligned, the sky's the limit.

Creativity, because I believe that people learn more when they are given great

materials to work with. I use lovely visuals because images have inspiring metaphorical

qualities. I use creative thought experiments because creative thinking nudges people quietly

towards a new view of both what is possible and what their capabilities are.


What people say...

Here are few thoughts from people who have worked with me.

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‘Pete has been a great help to me. He gave me some clear, creative and practical strategies for developing and delivering upcoming presentations - something that I was very nervous about. He helped me understand that preparation is key and he shared ideas, resources and techniques so that I could develop a presentation that was unique.

I felt that Pete understood what I wanted and needed. He increased my awareness of how to feel more confident in public speaking. Pete is flexible, reliable, sensitive and above all, a really professional and supportive coach’.


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JOY - course leader, ILM7 Executive coaching programme

I had the pleasure of working with Pete recently when he ran a Master Class for our ILM 7 Executive Coaching programme.

Pete’s session made for a refreshing change in perspective and approach. His teaching and presentation style is highly engaging, warm and personal – he knows how to build a connection with his audience. Through hands-on sessions, he introduced students to new, highly creative principles for helping coachees unlock and explore their thinking – these included the use of metaphor, imagery, drawing and other techniques. This was a hands-on session, where students tried out the techniques and applied them to their own lives.

Many of the attendees commented to me afterwards how thought provoking the session was, and that they could see immediately the way to apply some of this learning to their own coaching.

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Sandra - ex DISTRICT council ceo

Pete's assistance is helping me navigate successfully through a whole series of major changes in my life. 

I intend to "retire" from a longstanding full time role as a local authority Chief Executive over the next few months to take up a portfolio career including 2 very different new businesses, some voluntary work and some flexible, part time roles. 

This felt very daunting. How can I exit well, leaving the Council and its people in a strong position to carry on succeeeding? How will I adapt to not being in
control and wielding power? How do I go about turning my visions into viable businesses? How will I get the energy boost I need from being around creative

Pete's approach is perfect - he listens, he asks exactly the right questions at exactly the right moment, he gives the occasional pointer to invaluable ideas and experience, and he's making me really believe in the art of the possible.

Often, it’s not the quality of our work that holds us back - it’s the quality of our courage and ambition. Be Bold - Aim High.
— The Art of Shouting Quietly