Scottish, son of a sea captain. As a result, I’m polite, punctual and respectful. A deep introvert, I’m surprisingly happy speaking in front of audiences large and small.

I love working with people. Ever since i was a child I’ve enjoyed fixing things, making, doing and explaining things. I collect knowledge and share it. I’m in flow when I’m in front of a group armed with lots of lovely resources and my trademark ‘thought experiments’ - creative questions and ways of thinking that stretch people and energise and refresh them. And lovely images. No boring powerpoint on my watch.

I also love, peace, quiet and solitude. That’s how I recharge.

I draw. The freehand illustrations I use are created on an iPad with an app called Paper 53.

I write a lot. 2 books published, a third on the way.

I love guitars, and buy old and interesting ones on eBay and restore them.