All of my talks are customised for your specific audience. Lots to look at, no bullet points!

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The Art of shouting quietly

The talk is aimed at people who have brilliant ideas and excel at what they make, do or create but who struggle to be heard through shyness, introversion, lack of confidence or a simple mistrust of marketing and social media. Learn how to choose and use the techniques and platforms that suit quieter people and develop the confidence to use them. Find out where you can really shine in real life and online in order to successfully promote your products and ideas.  Available as a keynote talk with Q’s and A’s, and as a half-day/full day workshop.

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Sound Good (get your story straight)

This workshop is designed to help quieter people (shy, introvert, reflective) to find a voice and build the confidence they need to participate more in life and at work. Rather than exhorting them to emulate introverts or ‘fake it till they make it’ Sound Good helps them find meaningful, values-driven ways to share ideas and communicate what they do. By helping quieter team members contribute more effectively, companies can reap the rewards of the quiet wisdom and deeper thinking that happens but doesn’t come to light in the noise, cut and thrust of a busy workplace.

Available as a keynote talk with Q’s and A’s, and as a half-day/full day workshop.


Cheeky Letters and dream lists

A talk about confidence, making your mark on the world and finding success on your own terms. The original 18-minute version was delivered at Derby TEDx. The talk has been revised and updated to a full keynote length and has been delivered in many venues all over the UK. It’s an evergreen talk designed to help the audience reflect on their potential and leave inspired to do more with their lives. Available as a talk with Q’s and A’s