Values - Deep Work


Talk/masterclass/group workshop.

 Values are a unifying force – a simple, clearly facilitated conversation around values – the ones we have in common and the ones we don’t, will bring a group closer together with a stronger understanding and appreciation of each other’s unique qualities. Without these conversations we can remain stuck in superficial conversation, never really getting to grips with what’s important to each other.


·       Deeper understanding and respect for fellow team members.

·       Clarity over personal vs organizational values.

·       Understanding of link between values and motivation.

·       Deeper linkage between values and behaviours.

·       Understanding of importance of delivering on organisational values.

·       How to do more than pay lip service to values - move away from simply enacting values towards embodying them.

·       Appreciation of others’ different values – and the need to be careful about not making assumptions about what other people’s values might be.

·       Appreciation of how conflicting values can impact - to recognize this and decide what to do.

Who’s it for?


This talk/workshop is for teams. Values exercises that explore personal and social values in a group have a profound effect on the group as a whole – it deepens empathy, helps people appreciate their differences and improves the quality of relationships.

Getting a group working together to identify deeper values helps strengthen relationships within the group - it’s like participants start to understand each other’s unique software.

Session Structure

  • Available as a 3.5 hour session, a full day, or as a standalone interactive masterclass.

  • Workshop - Minimum 8 people, maximum 12-14. Masterclass can be delivered to a large audience.

  • Mix of input, pairs exercises, thought experiments and group discussion. Worksheets supplied.
    Small number of slides.

1-1 coaching follow up on request.



Image copyright: Pete Mosley 2018

Image copyright: Pete Mosley 2018

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